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Sochi: 2014 Olympic Capital

18 Sep

With less than 5 months left till the 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi is drawing more and more attention. Today we suggest a virtual tour around the city and the Olympic site!

Сочи. Панорама

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Spasskaya Tower Festival 2013

6 Sep

International Military Music Festival ‘Spasskaya Tower’ is taking place in Moscow (1 – 8 September). More photos are available at our Facebook page.


Russian State Honour Guards and leading Russian and foreign military music bands are showing their best on Red Square, at the heart of Moscow


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MAKS Air Show 2013

28 Aug

A spectacular air show MAKS-2013 (International Aviation and Space Salon) opened August 27th on Zhukovskiy air field, just a few kilometers from Moscow.

The visitors will see great air performances by Russian, Chinese, French and Swiss pilots. The show hosts more than 120 aircrafts including passenger and cargo aircrafts, business jets, bombers and fighters, civil and military helicopters.


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