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Kamchatka: the Land of Fire, Ice and Mountains

27 Sep

The Kamchatka Peninsular is one of the most remote parts of Russia known for its geysers and volcanoes virtually untouched by human hands. There are more than 160 volcanoes here, 29 of them still active.

Просто вулканы

The azure water of crater lakes is rimmed with ice even in June.

Crater lake

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Altay: at the Heart of Asia

13 Sep

The Altay Mountains are a stunningly beautiful mountain range at the very heart of Asia.

Алтай 3

The highest summit of the range is the double-headed Mount Belukha reaching 4506 m


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Charming Baikal

4 Sep

Lake Baikal is the Earth’s biggest freshwater reservoir containing about 20% of world’s freshwater reserves. Photos by Ilya Varlamov and Baikalika_ru 

Байкал 8

The figures speak for themselves: Baikal’s surface area is 31 thousand sq. km equal to the Belgium’s whole territory

Байкал 2

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Walking in Moscow Parks. Part 2

1 Sep

Though it has been raining in Moscow for the whole weekend weather forecasts promise that the next week will be warmer and sunnier. And we continue our walks in Moscow parks. Last time we had a look at Alexander Garden, Gorky Park and Kolomenskoye. Our today’s program is not less interesting!

Tsaritsyno Park

Tsaritsyno — as well as Kolomenskoye — used to be a residence of Russian monarchs. The architectural complex and the park itself were constructed by prominent Russian architects Vasili Bazhenov and Matvey Kazakov following the order of Catherine the Great.


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Walking in Moscow Parks. Part 1

30 Aug

If you’re tired of Moscow’s noise and fuss, taking a walk in one of Moscow parks may be a splendid idea. Overcrowded in summer many parks should be definetely visited in autumn when they’re especially nice. There are dozens of Moscow parks which are worth seeing! Today we selected three beautiful parks, but we will certainly cover more parks in future posts.

Alexander Garden

Alexander Garden in the very centre of the city by the Kremlin walls is one of the Russia’s first public parks and certainly one of the most well-known. Massive gates lead in the Garden from Manezhnaya Square.

Александровский сад. Ворота

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