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Winter Moscow by Russian Artists

7 Nov

Winter Moscow is especially charming… Some are fascinated by its small quiet streets totally covered with snow, others are fond of illumination mirrored in the river ice. Here is how winter Moscow is seen by some Russian artists.

A winter fairy-tale. By Igor RazhivinИгорь Разживин. Волшебница зима

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Back to the USSR

14 Oct

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union Russia has changed dramatically. But some landmarks of the Soviet past are still kept intact giving us an unique opportunity to touch the history and go back to the Communist epoch.Кремлёвские звёзды

Our tour will start on Red Square, in the very centre of Moscow. Red ruby stars of the Kremlin towers (above) and Lenin’s Mausoleum (below) with the embalmed body still carefully preserved are probably the most well-known surviving symbols of the epoch.Мавзолей Ленина

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Top 10 Moscow Museums

15 Sep

Autumn in Moscow… Rainy and gloomy weather… The temperature is hardly climbing over +10 – not the best time for long walks. However there is still plenty to do in Moscow! Today we want to suggest some of the most famous Moscow museums – you will certainly find something interesting!

Tretyakov Gallery 

The State Tretyakov Gallery is the world’s foremost depository of Russian fine art. Medieval icons, masterpieces by most prominent Russian artists, examples of Soviet art – thousands of best paintings, drawings and sculptures can be found here.

2. Третьяковская галерея (экспозиция)

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Spasskaya Tower Festival 2013

6 Sep

International Military Music Festival ‘Spasskaya Tower’ is taking place in Moscow (1 – 8 September). More photos are available at our Facebook page.


Russian State Honour Guards and leading Russian and foreign military music bands are showing their best on Red Square, at the heart of Moscow


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Kizhi: A Wooden Wonder

2 Sep

The North of Russia is really severe and stunningly beautiful region. Today we will look at Kizhi, an island in the Lake Onega, 70 km from Petrozavodsk and 500 km from St. Petersburg

Кижи. Панорама

A wooden architectural complex of several wonderful churches and other buildings has been included in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.


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Russian Folk Crafts

28 Aug

When traveling around the world we often face a problem what to buy as souvenirs for our family and friends. Especially if they are sick and tired of magnets, mugs and key fobs. Russia is known for its brilliant folk crafts – you will easily find a proper present and enjoy the best masterpieces of the folk art!

Gzhel is a style of ceramics which takes its name from the village of Gzhel where it has been produced since 1802. The pottery is painted solid white with distinctive blue designs.


Price: from $30 (900 RUR) for a cup or teapot.

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