The Golden Ring of Russia (Part 1)

15 Nov

When we think of visiting Russia, we usually imagine Moscow and St. Peterburg, Russia’s two capitals. However Russia is not only about these cities. If you have a few extra days, the Golden Ring tourist route is definitely worth taking. It’s a charming ring of ancient towns and cities perfect for visiting in any season. Located within 50 – 150 km from Moscow any of them is a great place to see both separately and together with the others. Карта Золотого кольца

The route traditionally starts in Moscow, Russia’s major tourist destination. The Kremlin and Red Square are usually visited first and foremost. Москва. Кремль

Ancient and modern, calm and busy at the same time, Moscow is so diverse that it can be explored for weeks.Москва. Полянка

Москва. Сити

Find out more about Moscow museums, Moscow parks, and Moscow metro. Meanwhile the Golden Ring journey continues to Sergiyev Posad. It is famous for the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, a vast monastery and a spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church.Сергиев Посад. Лавра

If you have enough time, take a side road to a small town of Kalyazin. Its historical centre was flooded by the Volga River after hydroelectric station construction in 1940. The only site left is this stunningly beautiful belfry.Калязин. Колокольня

If you proceed from Sergiyev Posad to the north, the next stop is Rostov. A small town today it once used to be a major trade and political centre of powerful Rostov Principality. Numerous cathedrals and monasteries remind of those glorious days… Ростов 2

Spaso-yakovlevski Monastery In Rostov

Yaroslavl – some 50 km to the north from Rostov was luckier. Founded as a small settlement of Rostov Principality it finally became a big city and the centre of the vast Yaroslavl Region. Ярославль 1

The city views are depicted on 1,000 rubles banknote. Ярославль. Деньги

Located on the Volga River Yaroslavl is a popular destination among river cruise ships. Ярославль. Причал

Kostroma is another nice city on the Volga River with plenty of charming churches, picturesque views and cosy streets. Кострома 1

Кострома 2

Кострома. Улица

The bright 19th century fire lookout tower has become one of the city’s symbols… Кострома. Каланча

Part 2 with Vladimir, Suzdal, Plyos and Palekh is coming soon.


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