Back to the USSR

14 Oct

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union Russia has changed dramatically. But some landmarks of the Soviet past are still kept intact giving us an unique opportunity to touch the history and go back to the Communist epoch.Кремлёвские звёзды

Our tour will start on Red Square, in the very centre of Moscow. Red ruby stars of the Kremlin towers (above) and Lenin’s Mausoleum (below) with the embalmed body still carefully preserved are probably the most well-known surviving symbols of the epoch.Мавзолей Ленина

Seven skyscrapers built by Joseph Stalin in the 1950s to symbolize the country’s power dominate the Moscow landscape up to now.Высотка на Котельнической набережной

Actually, monumental buildings of the Stalinist epoch can be easily spotted on the streets.Павильон ВДНХ

Grand sculptures is another characteristic feature of the Soviet past. This one depicting a Soviet worker and farmer is still popular among tourists.Рабочий и колхозница

The Motherland Calls is another well-know statue located in Volgograd commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad. Measuring 87 m from the tip of its sword to the top of the plinth it’s the world’s tallest sculpture.Родина-Мать

Smaller monuments, especially those dedicated to Vladimir Lenin, the father of the USSR, are still found all over Russia.Памятник Ленину в Воронеже

Even public transport is sometimes a proper place to feel the spirit of the Soviet Union. Nice Tatra tramcars from the 1960s – 1980s are still serving the city lines.Трамвай Татра

Moscow metro stations richly decorated in Socialist style remind underground palaces.Станция метро Комсомольская

Cruiser Aurora is still preserved as a symbol of the revolution of October 1917. A blank shot from her forecastle gun signaled the start of the assault on the Winter Palace.Крейсер Аврора

The Buran Spacecraft, the top achievement of Soviet space engineers, can be seen in Moscow’s Gorky Park.Буран в Парке Горького

Should you wish to touch the Soviet life in motion, visit annual Victory Day Parades on 9 May. Their tradition goes back to the 1960s with the atmosphere there very much the same as 50 years ago.Парад 9 мая

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