Multicultural Kazan

30 Sep

Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan region, is probably Russia’s most multicultural and multi-ethnic city.

Кремль зимой

A centre of a Muslim duchy in the Middle ages, today Kazan is a home for Tatars, Russians, Chuvash and Jews.

Панорама (зимой)

The 16th century Kazan Kremlin is the heart of the city. At dawn it looks especially wonderful.

Кремль утром

Soyembika Tower is one of the most well-known Kazan landmarks. Once the highest city’s structure, it is a so-called leaning tower with its inclination estimated at 1.94 m.

Башня Сююмбике

There are 36 mosques in Kazan, and some of them are real masterpieces!

Мечеть Кул-Шариф

Mosques standing side by side with Orthodox cathedrals is a usual picture for Kazan.

Благовещенский собор

The Temple of All Religions built in 1992 consists of 16 cupolas corresponding to the 16 world religions.

Храм всех религий

The Volga River has always been a major Kazan’s avenue. Its width here is more than 2 km!

Набережная (панорама)

Another Kazan’s river, the Kazanka, is spanned by the Millennium Bridge with the bridge pillars constructed as a letter ‘M’

Мост Миллениум

Kazan is famous for its architecture, this house, for instance, belongs to the eclectic epoch.

Дом Шамиля

Дворец земледельца

Kazan hosted the 2013 Summer Universiade with the new Kazan-Arena stadium built at the bank of the Volga.

Казань-арена (стадион)

Just some more views of Kazan…

Кремль (панорама)

Ночная панорама


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