Kamchatka: the Land of Fire, Ice and Mountains

27 Sep

The Kamchatka Peninsular is one of the most remote parts of Russia known for its geysers and volcanoes virtually untouched by human hands. There are more than 160 volcanoes here, 29 of them still active.

Просто вулканы

The azure water of crater lakes is rimmed with ice even in June.

Crater lake

Volcanic eruptions are quite common here…

Вулкан 1

…as well as incredible views.

Вулкан 2

Mountains are everywhere dominating Petropavlosk Kamchatsky, the only big city and region’s capital.


The Valley of Geysers has the world’s second largest concentration of hot springs.

Долина гейзеров

The Valley is incorporated into the World Heritage Site “Volcanoes of Kamchatka”

Tourists in Geyser Valley

You might be lucky to catch the beginning of another eruption.

Лава. By lusika33

Лава 4. By lusika33

Кальдера By Shpilenok

The steam from the hot spring heated by volcanoes can be clearly seen.

Радуга и речка

Bears are often referred to as Masters of Kamchatka – they are so common here:)


Find more photos from Kamchatka on Facebook.

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