Sochi: 2014 Olympic Capital

18 Sep

With less than 5 months left till the 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi is drawing more and more attention. Today we suggest a virtual tour around the city and the Olympic site!

Сочи. Панорама

Sochi is one of the largest Russian resorts on the Black Sea. Stretching 145 km along the sea coast it claims to be the longest city in Europe.

Сочи. Нарезка

A major reconstruction of the city before the Olympics has transformed Sochi into a modern and comfortable sea resort.

Сочи. Панорама - 2

The Caucasus Mountains surround the city.

Сочи. Горы

Today Sochi seems to be one great construction site preparing for the Olympics. Here is its Olympic venues video presentation.

Олимпиада. Объекты - 2

A Polar bear, European hare and Amur leopard have been chosen as the Olympic mascots.

Олимпиада. Талисманы

Besides the coastal Olympic cluster another Olympic site will be located high in the mountains, 50 km from Sochi at Krasnaya Polyana ski resort.

Красная Поляна. Трасса

Here the winter is snowy and relatively cold despite the subtropical climate zone below, on the sea shore.

Красная Поляна. Горы

Find more at the official website of the Olympics!

Олимпиада. Отсчёт времени

Сочи. Вид на море

Сочи. Ночь


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