Top 10 Moscow Museums

15 Sep

Autumn in Moscow… Rainy and gloomy weather… The temperature is hardly climbing over +10 – not the best time for long walks. However there is still plenty to do in Moscow! Today we want to suggest some of the most famous Moscow museums – you will certainly find something interesting!

Tretyakov Gallery 

The State Tretyakov Gallery is the world’s foremost depository of Russian fine art. Medieval icons, masterpieces by most prominent Russian artists, examples of Soviet art – thousands of best paintings, drawings and sculptures can be found here.

2. Третьяковская галерея (экспозиция)

Have a look at their official website and go on a virtual tour!

2. Третьяковская галерея - 2

Pros: one of the best collections of Russian art; excursions in English are available 

Cons: modern art expositions are located in another building

State Historical Museum 

The first Russian public museum, wedged between Red Square and Manege Square boasts the largest collections of historical artefacts tracing Russian history from early Slav tribes to the collapse of the Empire in 1917.

1. Исторический музей

Pros: great historical collections; foreigners friendly and interactive expositions

Cons: might be a little boring if you’re not a fan of History 

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts 

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts enjoys the largest collections of European art in Moscow. The museum boasts the works by Van Gogh, Gauguin, Picasso, Matisse, archaeological and numismatic collections.

3. ГМИИ им. Пушкина

3. ГМИИ им. Пушкина - 2

Pros: great collections, new exhibitions are held regularly, tours in English and other European languages are available 

Cons: none if you’re an art-lover. 

The Moscow Kremlin 

Being a well-known symbol of Moscow the Kremlin is one of the most popular city museums. Some parts of the Kremlin are still closed for visitors since the President’s office is located there.

Кремль 2

At the same time one may enjoy great cathedrals of the 15th – 16th centuries, the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon.

4. Кремль 1

4. Кремль. Царь пушка

Pros: a complex of cultural and architectural masterpieces, many tours in English 

Cons: some areas are closed to the public 

Polytechnical Museum

Polytechnical Museum is a science museum with a large collection of Soviet and Russian inventions. Here you will find everything from space ships and cars to the exhibitions on energy and geology.

5. Политехнический музей - 1

5. Политехнический музей - 2

Политехнический музей - 3

Pros: a paradise for those interested in science and technologies, many interactive exhibitions

Cons: at the moment the main exhibition is closed for reconstruction 

Moscow Lights 

Moscow Lights Museum is a small exhibition of history of Moscow city illumination. It is not very well known, but great interactive projects and really brilliant guides make it worth seeing! Here you can imagine yourself a lamplighter illuminating the city switching on the street lamps or an engineer designing the city illumination scheme.

6. Огни Москвы

Pros: interactive and unusual exposition

Cons: no info in English 

Kolomenskoye Museum 

Kolomensloye, a former tsar country residence, is an open-air museum and park. It boasts its wonderful views over the Moscow River and masterpieces of old Russian architecture.

7. Коломенское

Pros: a great place to combine walking and sightseeing

Cons: not the best option in bad weather. If you’re still ready to visit it, find more in our recent posts about Moscow parks: part 1, part 2

Vladimir Mayakovsky Museum 

Vladimir Mayakovsky was a prominent Russian and Soviet poet of the early 20th century, one of the first representatives of Russian Futurism. The museum fascinates by its avant-garde style and interactivity.

8. Музей Маяковского - 2

8. Музей Маяковского

Pros: one of the most unusual Moscow museums 

Cons: if you’re not interested in Russian literature and culture, you might feel bored.


Vinzavod is a Moscow leading centre of contemporary art located on the territory once belonged to a winery (‘vinzavod’ in Russian). A number of modern art exhibitions are permanently held there with the whole place known for its relaxed atmosphere.

9. Винзавод

Pros: creative place with good infrastructure including cafes and souvenir boutiques. 

Cons: visiting each exhibition is to paid separately. 

Cold War Museum

The Cold War Museum is located 65 m below the ground in a once-secret underground military complex – the Tagansky Protected Command Point.

10. Бункер

The bunker was designed to host 3 thousand people for up to 90 days without any assistance from the outside world in case of nuclear strike. Here you will return to the epoch of the Cold War and feel its spirit.

10. Бункер - 2

Pros: very informative and creative, a proper place for adventurous tour.

Cons: expensive tickets; the tour should be booked in advance. 

See also our previous posts on Peterhof museum and park and on Kizhi open-air museum 


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