Altay: at the Heart of Asia

13 Sep

The Altay Mountains are a stunningly beautiful mountain range at the very heart of Asia.

Алтай 3

The highest summit of the range is the double-headed Mount Belukha reaching 4506 m


Even in the 21st century the Altay Mountains remain untouched by civilization.

Долина 7 озёр

In 1998 the Altay was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Алтай 4

Большой Чульчинский водопад

Kucherlinskoye Lake is among the most picturesque pure water reservoirs.

Кучерлинское озеро

The Katun River originates in the glaciers of the southern slope of the Belukha mountain.

Катунь (от qzmn)Photo by Andrew Qzmn

Chuya Highway is the only sealed road in the region. It has always been of great importance.

Катунь и тракт (от qzmn) Photo by Andrew Qzmn

The road crosses the Altay Mountains and goes to Mongolian border.

Закат на тракте (от qzmn) Photo by Andrew Qzmn

In Turkic and Mongolian languages, the name Altai means the Golden Mountain.

Алтай 2 (от qzmn) Photo by Andrew Qzmn

Горы (от qzmn) Photo by Andrew Qzmn

The Altay mountains is a traditional habitat of yaks, a long-haired bovid found throughout the Himalayan Region and south Central Asia.

Як (от max-kostin) Photo by max_kostin

The Altay people are native inhabitants of the region. Just 74 thousand of them live in the area of 90 thousand sq. km – less than one person per km!

Алтайцы (от max-kostin) Photo by max_kostin

Lake Teletskoye is the largest lake of the Altay – and one of the most beautiful. See also our post about Lake Baikal.

Радуга на Телецком озере (от sergeydolya) Photo by sergeydolya

The lake is 325 m deep with 70 rivers flowing into it and just the single outlet – the Biya River.

вид на Корбу

The mountains are often covered with coniferous forests – taiga.

Тайга (отqzmn) Photo by Andrew Qzmn

Тайга и озеро (от qzmn) Photo by Andrew Qzmn


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