Magnificent Peterhof

10 Sep

The Peterhof Palace is a great complex of palaces, gardens and fountains founded by Peter the Great near St. Petersburg.Петергоф

Peterhof is often referred to as the Russian Versailles and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Большой дворец

The Grand Palace was built to symbolize the power and wealth of the Russian court.

Большой дворец. Лестница

Большой дворец. Картинный зал

Большой дворец. Танцевальный зал

The Palace is surrounded by smaller buildings, fountains and gardens.Фонтаны (ночь)

The Samson Fountain is supplied by a special 4 km aqueduct drawing water from a high elevation source.Фонтан Самсон

The Chess Fountain is a broad chute with its surface tiled black and white like a chessboard.Фонтан Шахматная гора

The Upper Garden is decorated by the Neptune Fountain.Фонтан Нептун

There are more than 40 km of channels in Peterhof. The Sea Channel is one of the biggest.Морской канал

The best time to visit Peterhof is from May till September when the fountains are on and the weather is usually warm. The park is located 15 km from St. Petersburg, and tourists may get to Peterhof by bus or by regular boat. The entrance ticket is from $30. Find out more at Peterhof website.


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