Kizhi: A Wooden Wonder

2 Sep

The North of Russia is really severe and stunningly beautiful region. Today we will look at Kizhi, an island in the Lake Onega, 70 km from Petrozavodsk and 500 km from St. Petersburg

Кижи. Панорама

A wooden architectural complex of several wonderful churches and other buildings has been included in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.


The Church of the Transfiguration was built in 1714 without using a single nail.

Кижи. Преображенская церковь

The church has 22 domes and with a height of 37 meters is one of the tallest wooden buildings in the Russian North. Made of aspen the domes shine with silver in the sunlight.


The Church of the Intercession was heated and used primarily in winter.

Кижи. Покровская церковь

An old windmill is remarkable for its eight sails.

Кижи. Мельница

Some peasants were quite rich and could afford building such gorgeous wooden houses. Windows and balconies are richly decorated.

Кижи. Изба

Numerous artists and poets have been inspired by Kizhi…

Кижи. Картина

You can visit Kizhi from Moscow and St. Petersburg on a river cruise; from Petrozavodsk by river boat. Contact info and prices are available at Kizhi Museum official website.


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