Exploring Moscow Metro

26 Aug

Moscow life without Metro is unbelievable — 313 km of railways link together every part of the city. With its 6.73 million passangers daily the Moscow Metro is the world’s third most heavily used rapid transit system following the Tokyo Subway and the Seoul Metropolitan Subway — and, at the same time, one of the most beautiful. Once in Moscow don’t miss the opportunity to explore the underground world of the Moscow Metro!

The first line opened in 1935 was expected to demonstate the power of the Soviet state and to provide a comfortable and rapid way of travelling around the city.

Строительство метро

Each station was meant to be a masterpiece – and to show the advantages of Socialism. Kiyevskaya station’s design (opened in 1953) is devoted to Soviet Ukraine.

Станция Киевская

Novoslobodskaya station (built in 1952) is famous for its 32 glass paintings depicting plants, stars and people of various professions – an architect, a painter, a musician, a farmer and an engineer.

Станция Новослободская

Komsomolskaya station (built 1952) being close to three railway terminals was designed as the city’s main gate. It combines elements of Stalinist architecture, Classicism and Moscow Baroque.

Станция Комсомольская

The station’s ceiling is decorated with eight mosaic pictures made of smalt and gemstones.

Станция Комсомольская (панно)

Ploshchad Revolutsii station (opened in 1938) is known for its 76 bronze sculptures. A Soviet border guard with his dog is probably the most well-known: Moscowites believe that touching the dog’s nose will bring you luck.

Станция Площадь Революции

Until the end of the Cold war the Moscow metro was also regarded as an enormous bomb shelter. Massive white gates on the right are typical of many stations and can be closed within a few minutes in case of nuclear alarm. Should air bombings begin, many governmental, security and emergency services would be evacuated to the Metro as well.


Some stations lie really deep under the surface. This escalator to the Park Pobedy station is the longest in Europe: 126 m long, with 740 steps!


Many modern stations are also worth seeing: Vystavochnaya station (completed in 2005), for instance, is decorated with a photo gallery.

Станция Выставочная

Novokosino station (built in 2012) is among the newest stations in the Moscow metro. Glass, steel and concrete constructions make it look original and modern.

Станция Новокосино

Some trains are definitely worth taking! This one is called ‘Krasnaya Strela’ (‘The Red Arrow’) after the train with the same name which has been running between Moscow and St.Petersburg since 1931.

Поезд Красная стрела

‘Aquarelle’ train is famous for its bright colors and paintings inside.

Поезд Акварель

You may well take this train instead of going to a museum! Moreover, the exposition is regularly updated!

Поезд Акварель 2


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