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Walking in Moscow Parks. Part 1

30 Aug

If you’re tired of Moscow’s noise and fuss, taking a walk in one of Moscow parks may be a splendid idea. Overcrowded in summer many parks should be definetely visited in autumn when they’re especially nice. There are dozens of Moscow parks which are worth seeing! Today we selected three beautiful parks, but we will certainly cover more parks in future posts.

Alexander Garden

Alexander Garden in the very centre of the city by the Kremlin walls is one of the Russia’s first public parks and certainly one of the most well-known. Massive gates lead in the Garden from Manezhnaya Square.

Александровский сад. Ворота

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MAKS Air Show 2013

28 Aug

A spectacular air show MAKS-2013 (International Aviation and Space Salon) opened August 27th on Zhukovskiy air field, just a few kilometers from Moscow.

The visitors will see great air performances by Russian, Chinese, French and Swiss pilots. The show hosts more than 120 aircrafts including passenger and cargo aircrafts, business jets, bombers and fighters, civil and military helicopters.


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Russian Folk Crafts

28 Aug

When traveling around the world we often face a problem what to buy as souvenirs for our family and friends. Especially if they are sick and tired of magnets, mugs and key fobs. Russia is known for its brilliant folk crafts – you will easily find a proper present and enjoy the best masterpieces of the folk art!

Gzhel is a style of ceramics which takes its name from the village of Gzhel where it has been produced since 1802. The pottery is painted solid white with distinctive blue designs.


Price: from $30 (900 RUR) for a cup or teapot.

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Myshkin: a Mouse Town

27 Aug

The town’s name is rather unusual: it is derived from ‘mysh’ meaning ‘mouse’ in Russian. With the population of about 5 thousand it is a typical example of a Russian provincial town and a great place to spend a weekend!

Myshkin is situated in the Yaroslavl region, just 270 km away from Moscow – not a great distance for Russia. Should you set off early, the morning mist is likely to welcome you making the empty road look mysteriously.

Дорога в Мышкин

The town is located on the left bank of the Volga river – one of the largest rivers in Europe. A small ferry can pick you to the other side of the Volga since there is no bridge in Myshkin.

Мышкин. Панорама

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Exploring Moscow Metro

26 Aug

Moscow life without Metro is unbelievable — 313 km of railways link together every part of the city. With its 6.73 million passangers daily the Moscow Metro is the world’s third most heavily used rapid transit system following the Tokyo Subway and the Seoul Metropolitan Subway — and, at the same time, one of the most beautiful. Once in Moscow don’t miss the opportunity to explore the underground world of the Moscow Metro!

The first line opened in 1935 was expected to demonstate the power of the Soviet state and to provide a comfortable and rapid way of travelling around the city.

Строительство метро

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Russia: the Best of the Best

26 Aug

Here you will find the most famous sights of Russia which have always been the best known Russia’s landmarks!

Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the world containing roughly 20% of the world’s unfrozen surface fresh water. With the depth of more than 1600 meters, it is home for about 1700 species of plants and animals, two thirds of which can be found nowhere else.


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